The mission of the HTWF is to distribute funds to assist, to encourage and to advance the philosophy, objectives and techniques of Healing Touch. To that goal, the following categories are available for funding consideration:


Research: Supports research into the effects of Healing Touch of which the anticipated results impact the Healing Touch community by proving evidence based practice.

Service: Supports service and outreach programs which promote Healing Touch across the globe through humanitarian efforts and events.

International Education Fund: Supports U.S. certified Healing Touch Instructors travelling to foreign countries to teach Healing Touch classes where Healing Touch instruction is not yet established or where there is a shortage of certified instructors.

Janet Mentgen (International Instructor) Fund: Supports Healing Touch Instructor Training for Level 1, 2 and 3 for certified practitioners from foreign countries.


Application Process: Submit a pre-proposal submission form. If approved, a Full Grant Proposal Application will be required by the next deadline.


Submission deadlines:

March 31, May 31, August 31, and December 31


Document Links:

Pre-proposal Guidelines

Pre-proposal Submission Form

Full Grant Proposal Application Guidelines