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Here it is, our first Newsletter!  

The HTWF has certainly stepped up its pace in all our facets since the beginning of this year.  "Moving Forward" is the Foundation's theme for 2014; I am so very excited with the work that the various committees are committed to doing, and they are implementing some new ideas that can only help us to "Spread Healing Light Worldwide!" 

This quarterly newsletter is but one example of our expansion of energies. Letters are being drafted to solicit donors from large corporations. We're readying ourselves for the Chicago Healing Touch Conference in August. Our Heel to Heal runs continue to gather momentum with every event. The rate of grant submissions is already up from last year. Online raffles pop up on occasion that keep us all involved.

May this Spring bring lots of new beginnings to All!

Karen B.Chin, RN, HTCP/I

HTWF President


Foundation News

Our 2013 Annual Report has been released!

Introducing our Executive Committee!

From left to right

Karen B. Chin, RN, MS, HTCP/I

Karen has been the President of HTWF since July 2012 and a board member since 2010.  Karen is retired from the US Air Force Reserve.  She teaches RN students at Panola College in Carthage, TX and has a growing energy business called Touch of the Phoenix located in Northeast Texas.  Karen seeks to help this planet's energy with all the light, intention, and knowledge that only we, as a Healing Touch family, can bring.
Fun Fact: Karen is a Cho Dan ( black belt equivalent) in Soo Bahk Do karate, preparing to test for my E Dan (2nd degree) in November.

Nancy Lavergne, HTCP 

Vice President & Fundraising Chairman

Nancy joined the board in 2011 and has been Vice President since 2012. Nancy combines Healing Touch and essential oils in her Practice at Winning Guidance, in West Chester, Ohio. Nancy enjoys coordinating classes in her area. Nancy is creative and energetic in organizing new fun and exciting events. She created, organized and led our 1st Heel to Heal Run/Walk and continues to incorporate this FUN way to raise money across the country. Her goal is to help the Worldwide Foundation reach their fundraising vision of $1,000,000!

Fun Fact:  Nancy loves to golf and explore new endeavors!

Norman L. Morrow, PhD

Norm has served as the HTWF bookkeeper since 2001 and was elected to the Board and the position of Treasurer in 2010.  He is co-owner of Healing Touch Texas, with his wife, Bonnie.   He has a doctorate in Chemistry and is retired from the ExxonMobil Corporation.

Fun Fact: Norm loves to fish for bass in east Texas and walleye in Ontario, Canada.

Dawn Warnaca, HTCP/I
Secretary & Marketing Committee

Dawn joined the board in 2013. She has a Healing Touch private practice in rural Pierce County, Washington State at Energy Healing Studio. Dawn is actively involved in the mentoring, and the Healing Touch Professional Association as Chair of the Volunteer Bank for Community Connections.

Fun Fact: This year, on the farm are two lambs, and Dawn has partnered with a 9 year old, raising a flock of egg laying chickens.

Bonnie Kelley Morrow, BSNH, DN, HTCP/I
President Emeritus

Bonnie is a charter member of Healing Touch Program and has been active on the board and served as President for many years.  After retiring from Exxon, Bonnie  opened her private practice, Healing Touch Texas. She provides Healing Touch training throughout southeast Texas, Romania, and Nepal. Her vision is to have Healing Touch readily available throughout the world. Recently she established Transformational Healing which utilizes her doctorate skills to help clients realize and accomplish their heart's desire.

Fun Fact:  Bonnie loves to paint, travel, and spend time with her 8 grandchildren. 


HT California Redwood City Racers 

Race was held April 13, 2014

A very big thank you to all participants, volunteers and those who supported our silent auction.  Through your generosity we raised $1070!

Top 3 Winners pictured:

1st Place -  Jeanene Govender (on right)

2nd Place - Karen Fong (on left)

3rd Place - Janine Clausen (center)

Saturday, April 26th 

Healing Touch Regional Seminar  

OKI (Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana)


A 1 day seminar presented by Janna Moll, Energy Medicine Specialists.  Learn about your innate intuitive abilities.  Experience new learning about your intuition! 

Saturday, June 7th

Join our Healing Touch Community for 

our 2nd Annual Cincinnati Heel to Heal 5K Race! 

Voice of America Park

7850 VOA Park Dr., West Chester, OH. 

Come walk with your dog!

Volunteers welcome!



Healing Touch for Animals will be present!


Registration is now open - click here to register  



Saturday August 16th 

Conference Heel to Heal 1-Mile Walk/Run

Stay tuned for details!


Seeking raffle and auction items for our upcoming events!  Please email us: 

htwfoundation@aol.com to donate an item.

Health Tip

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In Chinese medicine, springtime is the time the liver energetically is in control and being recharged.  The healing color for the liver is green, a beautiful spring green color like new grass shoots or dandelion greens.  The emotions connected with the liver are anger or happiness.  When doing healing, particularly on the liver, these emotions may be sparked.  There are many diets associated with liver cleanses but a good place to start is to be aware of extreme emotions and eat organic, fresh spring greens to help balance the energies.  And of course do Healing Touch on yourself and those in need.  Drinking yin/yang water is also good.  Mix boiled water with natural spring water, 1:1, and add a slice of squeezed lemon.  It is good to help balance this important and powerful detoxifying organ at this time the seasons change from the dormancy of winter to new growth.  Happy Spring!

Respectfully submitted by Ann Cathcart, HTCP and former HTWF Board Member

The Healing Touch Worldwide Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation established in 1997 by the Healing Touch Program founder, Janet Mentgen RN, BSN, HNC, HTCP/I. Our mission is to receive and distribute funds to assist, encourage and advance the philosophy, objectives and techniques of Healing Touch. 

Your participation and generosity are greatly appreciated.



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