The Effectiveness of Complimentary Therapies to Reduce Pain in Spinal Fusion Patients: A Pilot Study
Affiliate: Nemours/Alfred I. DuPont Hospital for Children
Principle investigator: Karen Sacks, MSN, APRN
Date: July 2017
Amount: $4,980

The aim of this pilot study was to evaluate if two CAM modalities, Hypnosis and Healing Touch provide any benefit, assessed by decrease in postoperative pain and perioperative anxiety in adolescents with idiopathic scoliosis undergoing posterior spinal fusion surgery. All patients received standard pain management. Significant difference was observed in anxiety scores between the control group and HT group. No difference in cortisol levels was observed between groups in the preoperative and intraoperative periods However, the HT group demonstrated lower cortisol level on postoperative day two, which returned to the same level as the other two groups at the time of follow up visit. However, a trend towards reduction in postoperative cortisol level in the HT group on postop day-2 and reduced anxiety on follow up visit was observed.

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Magnet Field Activity during Healing Touch Interventions: A Qualitative Study
Affiliate: Indiana University School of Medicine – Terre Haute
Principal Investigator: Margaret Moga, PhD
Date: 2012
Amount: $2,000

Secrets of Energy Healing
Energy healing and biofield therapies – is there any evidence to support these therapies? Can we detect when healing is occurring? Recent evidence suggests that magnetic field activity in the healing space is a reliable measure of changes that occur during energy healing. When the healer “centers” or quiets themselves to prepare for healing, the magnetic field activity in the room becomes less “noisy”. As a healer works with a client, magnetic field oscillations in the room build in intensity and then release, which closely corresponds to the buildup and release that healers can feel and have reported. Thus, the two “secrets” of effective healing, “quieting the space” and “initiating the charge/discharge process”, can be measured scientifically with a magnetometer.

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Healing Touch and Spirituality: A Qualitative Study
Affiliate: Australian Catholic University
Principal Investigator: Dr. Monica Nebauer
Date: 2012
Amount: $5,000

The primary purpose of the study was to ascertain the experiences of spiritual development of Healing Touch practitioners/instructors and how they live their holistic philosophy and spiritual practices underpinning Healing Touch in their lives. The two phases of the study were: Phase 1 in which retreat attendees completed an emailed pre-retreat questionnaire, 3 weeks prior to the retreat. Phase 2, the retreat attendees participated in one of 6 focus groups responding to questions derived from the pre-retreat questionnaire. Two additions focus groups were in Chicago with 8 pre-questionnaire and Brisbane, Australia with 4 participants.

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Assessment of Changes in Brainwave Patterns and Physiological Markers of Subjects Receiving Healing Touch: A Randomized Pilot Study
Principal Investigator: Denise Anthes ThD, MBA, BSN, RN, HTCP, HTCI
Date: 2012
Amount: $5,000

This study evaluated the impact upon the physiology and state of consciousness of recipients of Healing Touch offered by a certified practitioner.

In randomized controlled study of 68 subject’s, 56% of the subject’s female, 44% were male. Age 18 to 91 years of age. The study measured changes in 5 parameters: electroencephalography (EEG), skin conductivity, blood volume and pulse (BVP), respiration, and temperature. These measurements were recorded constantly during each 28 minute session. The procedure consisted of recording 2 minute baseline EEG readings: with eyes closed, then with eyes open. Control Group then relaxed for 20 minutes while the Intervention Group received a 20 minute treatment of Healing Touch. The session concluded with a repetition of the 2 minutes baseline. The Intervention Group had increased activation in all brainwaves patterns, demonstrating a statistically significant difference (p = .03) in the decrease of anxiety compared to the control group, with a CI of 95%.

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To Evaluate the Protective and Healing Effect of Healing Touch against Heat Stress Using Nerve Cell Culture Model
Affiliate: Wake Forest University Health Sciences, Winston-Salem NC
Principal Investigator: Dr. Rong Tang MD, Charles Tegeler MD
Date: 2008
Amount: $5,000

The department of neurology is conducting a research project aimed at the evaluation of the protective and healing effect of Healing Touch against heat stress using a nerve cell model.

To Use Healing Touch for Pain in Bilateral Knee Arthroplasty: A Nursing Study
Affiliate: The Shiley Center for Orthopaedic Research and Education Scripps Clinic
Principal Investigator: Mary E. Hardwick, MSN, RN
Date: 2007
Amount: $1,500

The primary aim of the proposed prospective randomized, experimental, single center study is to use Healing Touch in addition to standard pharmacologic intervention to improve pain management in bilateral total knee replacement patients. The secondary aims of the proposed study are to; 1 to utilize nursing expertise in initiating a nursing modality for pain control, 2 provide pain relief without pharmacologic agents, and 3 involve bed side nurses in a research project that could make a difference in the quality of patient care.

To Support Postoperative Mastectomy Patients by using Healing Touch
Affiliate: University of Oklahoma Health Science Center College of Nursing
Principal Investigator: Valerie Eschiti
Date: 2007
Amount: $850

The purpose of this qualitative research study is to describe the lived experience of woman who are receiving Healing Touch after their mastectomies.

To Use Healing Touch Intervention during Chemotherapy Infusions for Women with Breast Cancer: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Affiliate: Stanford University Medical Center
Principal Investigator: Kathy Turner, RNC, NP, CHTP
Date: 2007
Amount: $5,000

To conduct a controlled trial of Healing Touch during chemotherapy infusions for women with breast cancer at Stanford University Medical Center. The study is to determine 1) what effect, is any, Healing Touch has on their quality of life, anxiety, depression, nausea, and fatigue and 2) the feasibility of delivering Healing Touch at the bedside in the Infusion Center.

To Use Healing Touch Intervention Energy Medicine as a treatment modality addressing symptoms of mental illness and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Affiliate: Touchstone Mental Health
Principal Investigator: Kara Vangen
Date: 2006
Amount: $2,500

To measure ths impact of Healing Touch in reducing secondary symptoms of chronic stress related to mental illness and / or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. To introduce and educate therapy providers in the mental health system to Healing Touch to give them a working understanding of its benefits for referral purposes and to collaborate with them to support the therapy process.

To Gather Preliminary Data about the Outcome of Pain with Healing Touch Intervention
Affiliate: Wayne State University
Principal Investigator: Judith M. Fouladbakhsh
Date: 2004
Amount: $2,050

The purpose of this research study is to analyze data collected through a retrospective record review of client records at the Healing Touch center in Farmington Hills, MI. To gather preliminary data about the outcome of pain with Healing Touch intervention and other research.

To Study the Effect of Healing Touch Intervention on Fibromyalgia
Affiliate: Texas A & M University
Principal Investigator: Dr. Donna Crowley
Date: 2004
Amount: $2,000

The use of Healing Touch protocol techniques as viable treatment modality on fibromyalgia patients.

To Measure the Impact of Healing Touch Intervention in Treating Clients with Mental Illness
Community Care Corporation, Minneapolis, MN
Principal Investigator: Karen Vangen, Birgit Kelly, Helen Raleigh
Date: 2004
Amount: $5,000

To measure the impact of Healing Touch has on the reduction of secondary symptoms of mental illness, including depression, anxiety, agitation, poor sleep, etc. The project will service to introduce other service providers (in the mental health community) to Healing Touch and the benefits of integrative medicine in treating clients with mental illness.

To Analyze and Publish Data on the Relationship between Healing Touch and Mental Health
Affiliate: Way Station, Inc.
Principal Investigator: Francy Williams, RN, MS, CHTP
Date: 2002
Amount: $2,500


Healing Touch in Reducing the Pain and Agitation associated with Heel Sticks in High-Risk Infants: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Affiliate: Baptist Children’s Hospital, Miami, FL.
Principal Investigator: Rebecca J McPherson, M.D., Susan Golembeski Ph.D., RN, Lauralyn Bunn, M.A., CHTP, LMT
Date: 2002
Amount: $2,500

This research project to determine if a Level 1 Healing Touch protocol is significantly effective with reducing pain and stress in the care of premature infants.

Progress Update:

Eighteen nurses and one doctor took a Healing Touch Level 1 class with more wanting to take it also. Nurses practiced Healing Touch sessions on 3 non neonates and 2 neonates, these sessions were supervised. The qualitative feedback from many staff members and nurses is that they are seeing a positive affect on the babies receiving Healing Touch.

To Support Research on the Effectiveness of Healing Touch in early Recovery for Alcoholism
Affiliate: St. Mary’s Hospital, Center for Complementary Therapies
Principal Investigator: Sr. Rita Jean DuBrey, CSJ, RN, MSN, CHTO/I
Date: 2001
Amount: $3,000

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