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The Healing Touch Professional Association (HTPA) Fund was established to support Volunteer Service and Special Interest Projects administered by HTPA. This Fund makes it possible to bring Healing Touch Volunteer Services to local and worldwide Communities.

Current grant funding is available for Military support and outreach. Future goals for this fund include grant availability for disaster training and emergency outreach; in addition to support underserved populations including which may include the homeless and elderly.


Our Angel SharonOur Angel Sharon
Just one of the many ways Sharon Robbins shared her dedication and passion for Healing Touch was her active participation as a member of the HTWF Board of Directors. For 3 years she was a member of the marketing committee working to excite and promote HTWF in its mission to receive and distribute funds to assist, encourage and advance the philosophy, objectives and techniques of Healing Touch. One of Sharon’s personal passions became providing continued and sustainable support for Military outreach. A special fund through HTWF is still in place that allows your donations to HTWF to specifically go toward these projects. Consider making a generous donation to HTWF to further Sharon’s heartfelt desire to reach out to those in need. Sharon touched the lives of many with her involvement and her persistent and consistent connection with others. She was inclusive, interested, and inviting. She is missed.


Special Military Event

Healing Touch was provided to the Marines and their families of the 2nd Battalion 1st Marines, in Charleston South Carolina. A three day Healing Touch clinic was provided for the 6th year at the Marines reunion.

Many of the attendees and their families have seek Healing Touch out each year.


htpa fund page stand down eventStand Down Events for Homeless Veterans

Healing Touch volunteers provides Healing Touch for homlees veterans in several Millatary organized Stand Down events. Veterans can receive clothing, medical care, legal advise, Counselling, Healing Touch and much more. In 2014 the HTPA Fund funded volunteers to Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, and San Antonio in Texas.


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Healing Touch Professional Association Fund