Congratulations to the winner of the September raffle, Helen den Boer!

sept raffle 2013

"Our precious doggy quilt is off to Calgary Alberta to an excited expecting grandmother."

Congratulations to the winner of the June raffle, Margaret Washburn! Thank you for participating and supporting the Foundation.

fitbit june2013

 Margaret is very excited about her Fitbit! This was exactly what she needed to get moving.

"Thank you HTWF for this wonderful promotion."

Congratulations to the winner of the March raffle, Henry Verver! Thank you for participating and supporting the Foundation.

pot of cash

Henry's interview with mommy:  "Investing in My Music"

Mom says: "The answers/vibrations I got from Henry, who is 6 months old, is that he would love to invest in his music career! The energy I felt when asking him what he wanted to do with his money made Henry beam and glow with light about him when we talk about music. Henry would like the piano that has 3 different learning stages with it so he is able to develop sequentially to be a great artist. He seemed so happy and smiley when I described the piano to him. Henry says:"Thank you so much HTWF"

Valentine's Day Raffle "Ms. Flora Thanksabunch" Bear Winner: Dr. Dottie Graham

tb only 2013 raffle

A note from Dottie:

"Thank you for your wonderful, surprising email. Here it is Valentine's Day, and I truly feel like Janet just reached out and hugged me. I am in tears - tears of joy at having had the pleasure of knowing and loving Janet for many years. And now to be Ms.Thanksabunch's loving keeper. WOW!  Ms.Thanksabunch will be enlisted as one of our beloved "Stuffed Healers" in the GISA Healing Sanctuaries, and will be a "helper" at all VCHT classes. What a wonderful honor.

With much love and healing joy, Dottie"